Thursday, 25 June 2015

In search of adventure in India

TravelSpider suggests you some of the adventure holiday destinations in India as listed below, if you are really in search of them.

Mountain biking in Ladakh:
Ladakh, lying on the northern tip of India’s frontiers, is truly unparalleled in its majestic beauty. Biking around Ladakh is the holy grail of adventure cyclists all over the world. Terrifying mountain passes, thin air, and awe-inspiring beauty in a remote frontier landscape make this one heck of an adventure.

Skiing in Gulmarg:
A destination that’s as breathtakingly beautiful as it’s adventurous—Gulmarg has, over the years, become a magnet for those who love the thrill of extreme skiing on its big, jagged slopes. Pine-fringed and blanketed in snow, it exudes a charm few other places do.

Trekking in Zanskar:
Trekking in Zanskar is an adventure into one of the only truly remote frontiers in the country. The ancient monasteries and high passes in this cold and isolated erstwhile kingdom are mostly reachable only on foot or on horseback.

Scuba diving in the Andaman Islands:
The archipelago of Andaman and Nicobar is home to a diverse marine life—one that is a magnet for those in search of amazing underwater life. The pristine waters of these islands offer many opportunities for snorkelling and scuba diving as well as chances to try out other water sports.

Trekking and camping in Sikkim:
One of the smallest states in the country Sikkim amazingly also possesses topography stretching from tropical all the way up to alpine. Along with stunning bio-diversity, its home to old monasteries and superlatively pretty towns like Pelling. It’s one of the few places in the country where it’s entirely safe to travel without fixed plans and set up camp pretty much anywhere along the way.

White water rafting in Rishikesh:
Surrounded by the fast-flowing Ganga and forested hills, Rishikesh is a hotspot for adrenaline-pumping rafting adventures through a section of rapids that change in character every year. While rafting draws the most visitors to Rishikesh, it’s entirely possible to camp on the riverfront and lounge by bonfires under the stars.

Jungle safari at Jim Corbett National Park:
This sprawling abode for tigers and scores of other species is one of India’s top havens for wildlife enthusiasts. One word of advice: don’t get so preoccupied with tiger spotting that you miss other animals, and just the romance of traversing through what is genuinely wild territory.

Paragliding in Manali:
With mountain adventures beckoning from all directions, Manali is the perfect destination for those looking to unwind during the summers. Backpackers come to hang around in the villages near the main town and adventure tourists come for trekking, paragliding, rafting and skiing.

Skiing in Auli:
A twelve-hour-long drive from Delhi, Auli, India’s premier ski resort, is a picturesque destination located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. Temperatures plummet to -4 degrees during the months of January to March, and ski enthusiasts gravitate here by the truckloads.

Nature walks in Dharamshala:
For those who like walking in the hills but don’t want to commit to full-fledged treks, Dharamsala, with its crisp, pine-fresh air, and magnificent vistas of the Dhauladhar range, is an ideal retreat. There are a number of short interesting walks around including popular ones to Triundh and Chamba Valley.

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Monday, 15 June 2015

Good news for travellers: 2015 is a good year to fly abroad

According to a new report, air fares at top destinations around the world are predicted to continue dropping throughout the remainder of the year.

In a joint report prepared by Expedia and the Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC), number crunchers combed through the stats to come up with a few general travel trends and compile a list of the 10 best travel deals for 2015.

According to the report, average ticket prices for major destinations in Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America and North America are forecast to to drop between 4-6% throughout the remainder of the year compared to average ticket prices in 2014.

Fluctuating currencies are also impacting travel plans around the world. The strength of the US dollar is driving travelers originating from North America to stay longer in Europe this year compared to 2014.

For example, length of stays showed a 6% spike in August 2015 compared to the same period last year.

Likewise, travelers from North America headed to China are spending an average of 25 days abroad this August, lengthening their stay by five days from 2014.

The pattern works both ways, however, as the strengthening Chinese yuan is expected to increase the number of Chinese visitors to the US this year and lengthen their stays from 12% to 14% from August 2014 to August 2015.

Analysts also point out that the bundling trend could also help travelers save an average of up to $648.

That’s particularly true of London, where bundling flights and hotel rooms could add up to $1,424 in savings, or $1,087 in Maui and $1,058 in Paris.

Meanwhile, here are the top 10 flight routes that showed the biggest year over year drops in air fare for 2015:

Malaysia to Australia -22%
Italy to Portugal -22%
Brazil to the US -17%
Spain to Thailand -17%
Germany to Portugal -16%
Japan to France -16%
United States to Dubai -15%
Mexico to France -11%
Malaysia to Thailand -10%
Sweden to Spain -7%

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Friday, 5 June 2015

Did you just ask, “why involve travel agents” ?

Travel agents In Delhi NCR offer more than just booking services. Here is a list of reasons that will sum up the explanation why travel agents are important to be connected with.

Travel agents work as your tour advisor. You have a requirement, tell them. They will give you feasible options to suit your suit after comprehending your need carefully. 

If you think, they are just there to render hotel or flight booking services in Delhi NCR then you are wrong. You have, perhaps, not utilized their capabilities in an optimized way. They do much more than this. They stay updated with the best of big and small offers that can make save you lots of money and get you good moments. You can avail such offers only if you check with them. They will walk you through the crests of pros and troughs of cons.

As travel agents know about the industry, locales and customers’ expectations, they give wise advises. Anyone can plan a tour or a trip, but an agent will tell how to make the most of it - experience and knowledge counts.

Moreover, you also get the leverage of availing economic deals (most affordable rates, fares and discounts) which are not found online, normally. Various hotels, aircraft, cruise lines etc. that do not drop their charges for online travel agencies, offer special discounted rates to the air ticketing agents in Delhi NCR.

Travel agents also facilitate you best deals on hotel bookings, car rentals and EU rail booking in India. You waited long to book a hotel for your anniversary but could not as it showed, “house full” on online platforms. Well, these agents would definitely be having some access to it. They help you find hotels even.          
They will be there to be by your side during glitches that may crop up. Every trip has its own share of hiccups which might frighten you but will be dealt by these tour operators in Delhi NCR. They are there to deal with all your travel woes. Therefore, it is necessary that you connect with a travel agent while planning a trip.

Monday, 1 June 2015

Indian Travel & Tourism Horoscope 2015

India’s Feat Is Likely To Shoot Up By 7.5%

According to a report by the World Travel and Tourism Council, the Indian Travel and Tourism is forecasted to see a growth of 7.5% in 2015, owing to the new visa reforms. This spurt is exceeding the growth predicted for the South Asian region, by 0.6%.

This clearly indicates that the industry which contributed 7.64 trillion rupees and 36.7 million jobs to the Indian economy is likely to keep the Tour Operators in Delhi NCR busy. It is expected that there will be steep flight of 8.22 trillion rupees of Indias GDP and approximately 37.4 million jobs. The report states that India has a good potential to benefit from visa reforms, in addition to the infrastructure improvements under new government.

Well, this again makes the situation vivid and hopeful that investment in the sector will rise by 9.3% by the end of this year. Wow, a good deal of increment!

India is a developing country, and due to its rich culture and heritage, it has been able to grab a lot of attention for its Domestic Tour Packages.
On the other hand, a lot of Indians have started picking up International Tour Packages for their vacations to explore the beauty of different countries and their culture. This ultimately throws light on one point, that we might be probably missing out on, is gradually the likeability of travelling and exploring different places have increased significantly.

Overall, it seems several thumbs up for India’s travel and tourism industry. Now, that one quarter of the year is over, let us just wait and watch what next three have in their womb.

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