Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Explore adventure

Are your kids adventurous or simply sacred about it?

Whatever you may nod for, the idea of sending out kids to explore the adventure and get a new experience can never be doomed. Here are a few exciting adventure activities for the children that will make them go nuts.

Camping in an individual and shared tent always dons upon a different experience. It is more fun. They learn to stay together and alone and ways to mange situation. A lot of Travel Agents in Delhi NCR make it more exciting by organizing a completely entertaining campfire sessions with good food and music.
Some of the best options in North India for camping are Nainital, Rishikesh, Neerana etc.


Before you even join a trekking, strengthen the muscles of your legs and learn the knack of it. Else, you will get the pain of 20 kms trekking with 5 kms actual trekking length.
Nature walks or trekking always builds a good connection between the doer and the nature. Children learn a lot of the land (flora and fauna) and nature.


Flying fox and Burma Bridge:
This adds to another exposure to crossing the ridges, rivers, valleys, etc. All it takes is balance. Tour operators offer an array of other activities along with it.

Burma Bridge

Camel Riding:
Jaisalmer, Udaipur, Bikaner, Rajasthan offer options for riding colourful and nicely decorated camels. The feeling of climbing onto the camel’s back and sitting on it while it rises from its sitting posture is exhilarating.

Camel Riding

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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Kerala admires its opulence, you too will

Santa Cruz Basilica

It is about Santa Cruz Basilica.

Located in the peaceful Kochi in Kerala, this one is one of the 8 basilicas of India. It stands the history of 500 years when Portugese missionaries and another fleet arrived in India. They were welcomed by the then Kochi King. The Zamorin of Calicut declared war on Kochi. The first Portugese Viceroy built the church in 1505 using stone structures and mortar. The Portugese built this basilica which was later elevated to a cathedral by Pope Paul IV in 1558.

You will come across various such history-probing stories narrated by the tour guides arranged by the Travel Agents in Delhi NCR. These are interesting and informative.

The church’s architecture features  two spires and a  bright, pastel-hued interior that glorifies its beauty. It has a mixture of Indo-Eurpoean and Gothic art. The main altar was embellished by an Italian artist, namely, “Antonio Moshcheni”. You will find frescos and murals around.
The paintings on Hallar or the ceilings depict the lives of Christ, and a glimpse of life people used to lead that time.

It is an ideal place to sit and learn about the history silently and with peace.

So, whenever, you plan a trip to Kerala or Kochi, do check your itinerary if it covers Santa Cruz Basilica or not. If not, check with your Tour Operator in Delhi NCR, as to how to make it happen. But don’t afford to miss this beauty.

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