Friday, 29 May 2015

Exciting International Tour Packages From India

International tour packages are available from India for several destinations worldwide. There are a number of amazing International tour packages from India available for South East Asia, Australia, Europe, America, Africa and Middle East. 

These international tour packages can be booked either online through any of the travel websites or TravelSpider, a travel agent in Delhi NCR. Travelers have the option to choose from tailor made travel packages or escorted travel package. One can book in advance these travel packages that cater to a wide segment of travelers.

The dream of traveling abroad for a holiday doesn't remain a distant dream anymore, as more people are now able to travel for a holiday. Some of the places that rank high in the holiday list include:

South East Asia: The countries in South East Asia such as Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia are quite popular as holiday destinations. International Holiday packages from India for these countries are quite affordable and one can easily book a short duration package of 2 to 3 nights. Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia are particularly known for their stunning beach resorts.

Australia and New Zealand: International tour packages for Australia and New Zealand have become quite popular as more people are choosing for travel packages to these two wonderful countries. Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast top the list of holiday destinations in the Australia. Most of the holiday packages are focused on these destinations. For New Zealand, Auckland, Christchurch, Greymouth and Queenstown are quite famous as holiday destinations.

North America and Canada: North America and Canada is a traveler's paradise, as it encompasses topographic splendor, cultural extravaganzas, historic reminisces and gastronomic delights. There are a variety of packages available for North America for both the East Coast and the West Coast. Some of the prominent destinations that form a part of these packages include California, Arizona, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. Tours of Canada cover places such as Vancouver, Montreal, Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Northwest Territories and Nova Scotia.

Europe: Europe is undoubtedly the favorite with most people wanting to travel abroad for a holiday. Europe tour packages are highly popular among Indians wanting to explore this fascinating continent. The countries o West Europe are the most sought after destinations in the world. The United Kingdom, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, Germany and Belgium are quite popular among tourists.

These are just some of the most sought after holiday destinations in the world for which affordable and excellent travel packages can be booked through TravelSpider, a Travel Agency in Delhi NCR.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Choosing Between Travel Agent And Online Booking

What is the best option to book a trip - choose a travel agent in Delhi NCR or do it online? This must be the most daunting question that most travelers face. Before making any decision, travelers need to understand advantages and disadvantages for both ways.

Not that long ago, employing the travel companies in Delhi NCR was the only option. However, with the growth of technology, more and more travelers opt to schedule their holiday online. The prominent benefit of booking online is that a huge amount of expense could be saved. If anyone does their own bookings the entire expense would definitely be reduced because no extra cost is paid to the travel agents or agencies.

Nowadays, anyone could find good deals on hotels reservation and flights bookings in Delhi NCR in using search engines and professional booking websites. However, be conscious of both the quality and price of the booking for the travel. An important step prior to making reservation for the hotel room is to go through the reviews and make sure of the location of the hotel room. When looking for the flights, the same technique should work also. If the arrival airport is away from the city, one might end up spending more money and time to get to the desired destination even though the flight charges are low.

An additional benefit of scheduling the trip on the internet is that it could be customized at any time according to the preferences rather than taking a package deal through the travel agent or agency and getting linked with a tourist group. Nevertheless travel agencies or agents yet have the irresistible benefit that they many more sources than an individual could actually find on the net. Generally they do not care concerning the flight charges, however they are inclined to have additional hold with the cruises and itineraries.

In any case, the choice between reserving on the web and paying a travel agent must be made based on various factors. If one is planning a plain and small journey, reserving on the web might be your primary choice and touring by oneself would add much more fun. In contrast, if one's travel plan is complex and tough to systematize, turning to a travel agent for help would save you much dilemma. Also, a travel agent must be considered when different factors are included into the tour plan like hotels, flights, diets, itineraries and many destinations. Putting together these arrangements and plans are what travel managers do for the living and they are the best specialists in that. They cannot only provide you some sensible tips and advices about the journey but also plan a vacation plan that would meet your requirements the most. Furthermore, at times reputed best travel agencies in Delhi NCR could help you to reduce travel expenses as they have copious resources and are familiar with the way to acquire the best of all deals

Monday, 25 May 2015

Benefits of hiring a Corporate Travel Agency

Using a corporate travel agency has many advantages. Some of them may include price discounts, hotel reservations, emergency, and customer service to name a few. It may seem practical and cheaper to use the internet, but it has many limitations compared to having a professional travel management company.

Reality Check

Let's get to the point - airlines are businesses. They want to make as much money as possible and will find every opportunity to so. Do you think those items for sale in the plane are for your convenience? If you think that the internet or newspaper has the best prices you couldn't be further from the truth.

Why do airline ticket prices vary? During peak seasons like Christmas, more people demand travel tickets. The number of airplanes and seats are pretty much the supply and it is limited. More people will buy tickets with departure dates near December 24 dates and return dates after January 2.

There aren't enough plane seats to accommodate every single person who would like to travel on that date - therefore airlines charge higher prices. How can you beat it? Reserve at least 3 months prior. The problem is most people don't know their schedule since their work can interfere with their plans. Airlines know this and more importantly, will take advantage by charging higher prices.

A corporate travel agency buys tickets in bulk from airlines and far ahead of time. They are charged wholesale discount business class airfare not available to you on the internet or anywhere else. It is their incentive from airlines so that they too can make money.

Travel Management Companies

Corporate travel agencies are not dinosaurs. They also use computers and have internet. In the same way you probably scour the internet for prices, these companies have special software that can view dozens of websites simultaneously.

Agents know where to look for better airfares. Some agencies have special deals with particular airlines so they have access to the air ticketing system. If you are looking for discount business class airfare, or special prices for a group package it is better to go to these companies. You can negotiate prices with them whereas you can't when reserving online.

Customer Service

When you reserve on the internet it is hard to change plans, but agents can be given a tentative date and can hold on for you until a certain time. The longer your company's relationship with them, the better your benefits will be due to your credibility.

Bad weather happens around the world resulting to cancelled flights. When this happen what do you think everyone would do? They all call the airline at the same time. Often it will take you forever to reach them or they won't really be of much help.

A corporate travel agency will be there for you and know what emergency actions to take. They already know your first question - how soon can I leave? Good companies are informed and will take immediate action for you. They will either rebook you in another airline quickly or find you an affordable hotel nearby if the weather gets really bad.

Hotels & Meeting Management

Corporate travel management is not limited to airplane tickets. They also know where to find cheap hotel booking in an emergency at good prices too. In fact some even have meeting management services.

A corporate travel company has far more advantages over doing reservations yourself. The advantages are discounts, customer service and other services all leading to peace of mind.

TravelSpider is a travel management company in Delhi NCR, India

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Travel Visa

A visa is a official permission allowing a person's entry into a foreign country. There is a huge difference between a passport and a visa.

Passports are documents that allow the holder to leave the country and go overseas for a holiday, event, study or work. However, entry into a particular country is not automatically granted to the holder of a passport; one has to apply for a visa to gain entry into that country. But both are in conjunction with the other; no one can leave their country of birth or get into another country without a valid passport and a visa.

A visa stipulates certain reasons why a person will be visiting or staying in a foreign country for a specified period of time. It is stamped on the passport and is seen as a supplement to the passport, which is the main travel document. Most visas come with time limits; typically the time limit is up to six months, in certain cases it may be extended to years if prior request is made through proper channels and with substantiated documentation. However, there are very strict requirements and regulations governing visa extensions.

Even in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, not much importance was placed on passports and visas and these were not required for movement from one country to another. Large numbers of people travelled by train through the European continent and except for certain sensitive areas where some kind of personal identity of proof needed to be established at a border between two countries, by and large they were not insisted upon.

Post World War I, the scene changed with geographical boundaries and territories markedly different necessitating the need for regulating movement of people and goods. Before that, movement of goods and people only needed a paper with a stamp of approval akin to a passport.

Certain types of visas are stamped on arrival in a foreign country or through a specialized private visa service provider usually appointed by the consulate or embassy of the country, if a person is unable to appear in person. In this case, private visa consultants usually charge an additional fee to carry out the process of customer and document verification, scrutinizing applications and submitting the papers to the relevant authority. In the absence of a consulate or embassy of the visa issuing country in a person's home country, then it may be necessary for the person to travel to a third country where a consulate or embassy of that particular country exists to receive a visa approval in person.

However, such cases and far from the norm; almost all countries have consulates and embassies around the world.

The need for a visa is generally contingent upon factors like:

• Citizenship or nationality of the application

• Intended duration of stay

• Purpose or activity applicant wishes to undertake in the country of travel

There are several categories of visas for travel to foreign country with different requirements and issue conditions.

- TravelSpider is one the best passport consultants ans well as visa services in Delhi NCR.

Great Tips to Consider Before Choosing a Car Rental Service

Once you have locked in the best holiday destination in India  and found a great hotel to stay at, the next thing that should bother you is the most convenient means of transport. Rather than having to wait for bus or train or drive a car all the way on your own, having a rental car can give you a huge advantage. It's definitely a better idea to hire a taxi for entire trip than paying for a taxi every time you want to go somewhere.

However; with enormous options of professional car rentals available these days, it could be a daunting task to find the right services suitable to your journey, budget, and other important constraints. Before hiring a car rental services or booking car online, you need to consider a few points in order to get the best out of the lot. With the best car rental services by your side, you can enjoy the convenience of having a safe and comfortable ride to the desired destination.

Tips to Consider while You Choose a Car Rental Service

1. Do a little research and ask plenty of questions
2. Compare the pricing options with different car rental services online before you make any decision
3. Know what exactly you're getting at what costs and what exactly you're paying for without racking up any hidden charges to pay later on
4. Browse the available range of budget and luxury car options for short and long trips
5. Ask if there is any offer such as free pick-up on arrival and drop off on departure
6. Make sure that the car you choose suits your journey requirements and budget
7. Clarify there would be no hidden charges to pay for after the trip
8. If you are booking a car online, check out for booking discounts or other offers
9. Make sure that the drivers are skilled, experienced and professional enough to handle any kind of situation during the journey
10. Do not say 'yes' to everything; book wisely

While you book a car online, it's advisable to check for the travel agent operating intercity rather than only within a particular city. The reason behind this is that such a company can take good care of your entire itinerary and you would have the cab with you at your own convenience. Another thing to make sure about is whether the car rental service covers you at disposal throughout the holiday. Moreover, if the car rental service provider you choose also offers pick up and drop to/from railway station and airport, it's definitely a plus point as far as convenience is considered. Moreover, if the driver possesses good knowledge about the place you are travelling to, a great benefit indeed. In peak seasons, choosing a professional car rental that offers special discounts and add-on services on regular travelling packages is certainly the best decision.

With these quick tips handy, plan your next trip and book the best rental car for an ever-memorable journey!

-TravelSpider, an International Tour Operator in Delhi NCR, India