Friday, 29 May 2015

Exciting International Tour Packages From India

International tour packages are available from India for several destinations worldwide. There are a number of amazing International tour packages from India available for South East Asia, Australia, Europe, America, Africa and Middle East. 

These international tour packages can be booked either online through any of the travel websites or TravelSpider, a travel agent in Delhi NCR. Travelers have the option to choose from tailor made travel packages or escorted travel package. One can book in advance these travel packages that cater to a wide segment of travelers.

The dream of traveling abroad for a holiday doesn't remain a distant dream anymore, as more people are now able to travel for a holiday. Some of the places that rank high in the holiday list include:

South East Asia: The countries in South East Asia such as Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia are quite popular as holiday destinations. International Holiday packages from India for these countries are quite affordable and one can easily book a short duration package of 2 to 3 nights. Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia are particularly known for their stunning beach resorts.

Australia and New Zealand: International tour packages for Australia and New Zealand have become quite popular as more people are choosing for travel packages to these two wonderful countries. Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast top the list of holiday destinations in the Australia. Most of the holiday packages are focused on these destinations. For New Zealand, Auckland, Christchurch, Greymouth and Queenstown are quite famous as holiday destinations.

North America and Canada: North America and Canada is a traveler's paradise, as it encompasses topographic splendor, cultural extravaganzas, historic reminisces and gastronomic delights. There are a variety of packages available for North America for both the East Coast and the West Coast. Some of the prominent destinations that form a part of these packages include California, Arizona, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. Tours of Canada cover places such as Vancouver, Montreal, Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Northwest Territories and Nova Scotia.

Europe: Europe is undoubtedly the favorite with most people wanting to travel abroad for a holiday. Europe tour packages are highly popular among Indians wanting to explore this fascinating continent. The countries o West Europe are the most sought after destinations in the world. The United Kingdom, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, Germany and Belgium are quite popular among tourists.

These are just some of the most sought after holiday destinations in the world for which affordable and excellent travel packages can be booked through TravelSpider, a Travel Agency in Delhi NCR.

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