Friday, 11 December 2015

Zostel has modified the concept of hostel stay

Zostel, a company with a new concept has revolutionized the experience of staying in a hostel.
What comes to your mind, when you think of a hostel?
Probably, a picture of a cheap accommodation in a feeble old building which has pathetic food will enter your mind.
Zostel is changing this perception.
They are offering an experience of luxury hotels.
They are offering a deal that includes private rooms with Wi-Fi connectivity, TV, refrigerators, hot shower, clean washrooms, entertainment shows etc. The interiors are simply appealing with bold murals – a good option for Best Domestic Tour Packages in India.
This Delhi-based company already has presence in 12 different locations and 13 more to be opened. They have promoted one of their zostels in Pushkar during Camel fair. Further, they are planning to expand to Vietnam and Sri Lanka. It is certainly an opportunity for the Tour Operators in Delhi NCR to develop some tie-ups with this corporation.
Zostels are known for providing comfortable accommodation, friendly community and creative ambience to stay in, at affordable prices.
It has unique architecture and a flavor of local culture – good deal for the foreigners.

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