Friday, 3 July 2015

India ranks 52nd on global travel and tourism list

Of approx. 140 countries, India has ranked 52nd in the World Economic Forum’s recent list of travel and tourism. This is yet another morale booster for the T&T industry.

The list states that Spain has topped the charts, followed by France, German, the USA, Britain, Switzerland, Australia, Italy, Japan, and Canada in the top 10 rankers. India’s competitiveness in travel industry looks stronger than ever, now as it has managed to climb up 13 places to reach this rank.

India’s economic growth is catching up speed as it is gradually growing as a top business travel destination. This is a sign of good scope for the current and coming financial years.

Hey Travel Agents in Delhi NCR, you better keep an energy drink handy, as a lot of business prospects are coming your way!

Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index (TTCI) 2013 had reserved 65th rank for India. This year’s report features ranking across 141 countries in 14 dimensions. The report also states that India needs to improve health, hygiene, information, communication and technological aspects of the travel industry, in order to establish a higher rank for itself.

Tour operators in Delhi NCR must start paying attention to the kind of vendors for transport, food, accommodation, etc. they tie-up with for their travel packages. They must ensure that hygiene is well-maintained to have enhanced health value. Additionally, facilities of urgent health care or first aid should also be arranged.

Security is another concern. Hence, the tour operators must make sure that their agencies offer secured and safe options to the clients. God forbid, yet if anything goes wrong, then along with the agency’s India’s reputation and the market scenario would be at stake.

Current India’s travel and tourism sector accounts for 5 percent of India’s employment. The potential of employability and business growth is huge, considering India’s 7 million international visitors in relation with China’s 55 million. Probably, a microscopic focus on domestic tour packages in India for the offbeat cities would add to huge value additions, in addition to other strategies that can be implemented for expanding the potential of this sector.

India’s travel and tourism industry is likely climb clouds nine or maybe higher. Let’s watch how the industry resolves all the bottlenecks to reach that high and keep our fingers crossed.

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