Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Get your back ready for a backpack

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Are you ready for a trip?

Zip up your backpack and get into the car. Wait. Have you checked whether your backpack is properly packed or not?

It can be lot simpler to pack a bag than just stuffing in the objects.

Here are few easy ways that will ease your backpacking problem.

  • Keep it light: Don’t carry too much or too little. Ensure that those extras or additional things are deleted. This will not only give your back rest but also help you save on some money with the airlines for not being over-weighted. Tour operators in Delhi NCR, Chennai, Mumbai and other metro cities with high travel frequency and in fact, those in other countries always advise the travellers to keep their baggage less yet complete and light.
  • Don’t even think of carrying any valuable assets: The idea of carrying a backpack is to carry your world that you can’t do without when travelling, just the bare minimum not something that may get lost or provoke stealing.
  • They are skilful in snatching, stealing and scam-ming. Beware!
  • Keep one photocopy of the flight tickets inside it. A lot of tour operators in Delhi NCR advise their clients to keep a chit of their address and contact no. inside the backpack that can actually come up as a great help in case lost.
  • Carry light snacks and glucose powder to help you during the time between meals.
  • Keep someone informed about your trip and the movements, including the stay.
  • Keep a bottle of water or a sipper
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